SMART approach to consumer electronics

about Axel

It has been a long and fulfilling journey for Axel Hometech since its inception in 2006 in Dubai as it continues to serve the needs of the local and regional markets. We proudly stand today among the innovative distributors of high-quality electronics and home appliances for the Middle East markets, sourced from the top manufacturers worldwide.

Our drive for excellence ensures that we continuously and effectively deliver home solutions, not just products, which are of the highest quality and the best prices. We are strategically positioned in Dubai, the hub of trade routes, covering all the markets in the region and making a valuable contribution to its economies.

But the journey doesn’t stop here as our mission continues;

We are proud of our achievements and contributions but we will never get complacent. Innovation must be our drive engine and our search for cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly solutions and competitive products will never stop. We thank you, our valued customers, our loyal employees and our global partners, for being with us on our journey; we couldn’t have done it without you.

Managing Director