AXEL Brand Appliances

We sell and supply Electronics, Home appliances, Air Conditioners and IT products under the brand AXEL to customers sourced from top international manufacturers with the latest in technological advances

Sourcing OEM

We design and source products for our customers and under their private label brands from world renowned manufacturers with market-tailored specifications, requirements and certifications

Business Consultancy

We conduct market research and feasibility studies to assist clients in formulating business plans for the launch of new commercial, trading and industrial business initiatives. This is of special strategic importance for companies wanting to enter emerging markets that are difficult and challenging

Industrial Consultancy

We provide our expertise in turnkey industrial projects and production facilities for regional electronics and appliances manufacturers by planning, managing and facilitating the purchase, installation and commissioning of production lines and machineries for factories. Appliances, TV and AC factories have already been installed and commissioned in Algeria and others are in the pipeline for the regional groups.